What is GCON Storage Optimization Technology?

The GCON Storage Optimization Technology™ (SOT) is a proprietary sequence of hardware tweaks and software modifications our production team makes to every GCON Surveillance server platform to prepare it for video storage functionality. These enhancements to the surveillance hardware and underlying operating system make the server better suited for video recording and increases the read/write speed of the storage with performance benchmarks substantially higher than generic server hardware. Proven out through a decade of testing, our SOT configurations are tried and true, giving our clients a truly unfair advantage in the surveillance hardware space.

Storage & Bandwidth Calculator

When we say we optimize our hardware and software, we don't just mean how it works on the inside. We're good stewards of our client's budgets, and refuse to oversell any system. To accomplish this, we utilize our in-house design tool, the Optimized Bandwidth Calculator™ (OBC). The OBC assigns a numeric value to the hardware performance requirements of each camera which is then used by our engineers to specifiy the system configuration of one of our server models. Down to the precise amount of storage, CPU, memory, and bandwidth, we determine the adequate specifications of the system needed for today, and then anticipate growth for the needs of tomorrow. It's a complete solution that ensures a custom tailored, precisely engineered machine to store, direct, and handle video data.