Information flow is at the heart of successful energy companies, and that doesn’t happen with slow, outdated systems. Our hardware is designed for energy applications to optimize well monitoring, flow regulation, and control schemes so that you know what’s happening on site from a thousand miles away.

Shut-downs, start-ups, turn-arounds, and tagouts are some of the highest risk operations conducted in the energy sector, and tracking the equipment and personnel involved requires precision that cannot be subjected to slow response times and latency that’s rampant in older computing equipment. Those in the field trust their headquarters for the coordination and execution of these operations, and the headquarters trusts GCON Systems to keep them informed and keep everyone safe.

Exploration is in the details, and the details are in the data. To maximize the effects of your data driven search for energy, GCON Systems hardware is specialized for discovery. We tie in with all kinds of software, from geological analysis to high resolution satellite imagery to process your raw data faster to give decision makers the tools they need to be successful. To find out more contact us and ask about our Energy Applications for both servers, workstations, and command centers.

  • Wellkeeper, MaxBHA, Innova, etc.

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